Awareness about Fake Currency

How to Identify Fake Notes

  1. See if the note is crisp and thin. The notes are printed on optical fiber paper. Fake notes are printed on thick paper make of bamboo pulp. If it is a Xeroxed note the colour and print look faded.
  2. Look for the ‘Intaglio” on the denomination i.e.1000, 500, 100, 50 20, 10 or 5 (the embossed print that enables the blind to touch and know the denomination of the currency). The chemical’omran’ is used to print in ‘Intaglio’ which looks bright. Intaglio will be missing in counterfeit notes.
  3. Look at the note against the light, for the fine and shining ‘security band’ on the right side of ‘Intaglio’ look for the faint water mark
  4. For a genuine currency note, the number panel will be regular and when scrutinized against ultra violet rays, the letters printed with fluorescent ink shine. For a fake note the security band will be rough and prominent Number panel will be irregular. The numbers are comparatively smaller as compared to the original notes.


  • Please do not respond to strangers asking for change for notes of higher denomination. Please always check notes of higher denomination while doing any transaction.
  • When conducting a large transaction take the other party to your bank where you will deposit the money. The bank usually uses a machine which checks the currency notes.

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